Material Capabilities

One of the greatest benefits of laser marking is its non-contact process. This means no mechanical part of the equipment actually touches the part being marked, only the laser beam is in contact with the part. We accurately etch high-contrast, permanent marks on a variety of materials without affecting the integrity of the part.  It is ideal for metals, engineered plastics, and ceramics. Here is a list of the wide variety of materials we mark:


Alloys                                                                      Magnesium

Aluminum, 6061                                                    Molybdenum

Aluminum, yellow chromate                               Nickel-plated brass

Aluminum, anodized                                            Nickel-plated gold

Aluminum, clear coat anodized                          Nickel-plated Kovar

Aluminum, hard coat anodized                          Nickel-plated steel

Aluminum, brushed                                              Nylon

Aluminum, powdered coated                             Plated metals

Brass                                                                       Polycarbonate resin 121-R

Carbide                                                                   Polycarbonate, Bayer 2807

Carbon fiber                                                           Silicon carbide

Carbon nanotube                                                  Stainless steel 303

Ceramics                                                                Stainless steel 17-4 PH

Ceramics, metal-plated                                       Steel, 4043

Copper                                                                    Steel, cobalt chrome

Delrin, colored (black/brown)                            Steel, zinc-plated

Machine tool steel                                                Titanium


If we’re not sure about marking on your material we’re happy to run tests on your sample.